viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010


These are our gorgeous designs are important and essential part of this group, thanks to them it is possible the realization of our blog and group, offering amazing things for girls, this is the list of their stores:

1. POISON by Corocota Torok.
2. ARW DESIGNS by Arthur Warziders.
3. KUMAKI by Koguma Kumaki.
4. N-CREATION by Nico200 Planer.
5. ANIMATIONS RISING by Miro Collas.
6. FIERCE DESIGNS by Sally Soleil. 
7. LA LUNA DI CARTA by Giulia Janus.
8. JESSICA CREATIONS by Jessica Vaughn.
9. MORTALITY by kairi Aquila. 
10. SILHOUETTE by Julie Kitalpha
11. ABUDANTIA by YessikaCalydon Bardenboar.  
12. DRAGONLADY DESIGNS by DragonLady Majestic. 

jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

Wellcome to Fashion For Her

Fashion Group and her blog is specially dedicated to everything having to do with the female image is an honor for me to have this initiative because we see many groups and blogs for menswear, hunts impressive, is a revolution, for So now it is time to us, for us to have just as what they have. This blog will appreciate the best shops in Second Life the best order that we may further improve ur image, we know of offers and new things that our designers have for us.

What do you can do here?

-Advertise your Store

- Offers  
- Our hunts
- Learn more about women's fashion in Second Life